Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of RAVAFOL SK2, s.r.o. for contracts concluded at a distance through the RAVAFOL system

General regulation

Purchase of goods through RAVAFOL SK2, s.r.o. may be performed by natural and legal persons without restriction, provided that they comply with these Terms and Conditions.

Ordering procedure
After creating the order, this order will be registered in the RAVAFOL SYSTEM. The RAVAFOL system confirms the registration of the order by announcing the receipt of the order. At the moment of displaying the notification of receipt of the order, the order is considered delivered and at this moment a purchase contract is created between the customer and the company RAVAFOL s.r.o. and both parties have the rights and obligations arising from the applicable regulations and the Complaints Procedure for customers of RAVAFOL SK2, s.r.o.

Delivery terms and delivery costs
The company RAVAFOL, s.r.o. undertakes to deliver the ordered goods to the customer no later than 7 working days from the delivery of the order and possible payment of the advance invoice. If the company RAVAFOL, s.r.o. does not have the goods physically in its warehouses (about which it will inform the customer) and produces them only on the customer’s order, undertakes to deliver these goods to the customer no later than 4 weeks after payment of the advance invoice (applies to custom production and according to the complexity of the order) delivery of the product in stock within 3 days and custom product within 30 days). Delivery of goods will be made to the customer’s delivery address, according to the price list of transport, which is located on the RAVAFOL SK2 website. For this reason, the customer should count on ensuring the delivery of the goods on their own. The company RAVAFOL SK2, s.r.o. will not accept claims for non-delivery of goods by courier service.

Terms of payment
Payment for goods and services in the form of an online store is made either by an advance payment to the account of RAVAFOL SK2, where the additional settlement of the price for goods or services will take place according to the delivered tax document, or by cash on delivery. Payment for custom production or assembly will be agreed in the price calculation. All prices of goods are without VAT and additional discounts on goods or services cannot be applied.

Order cancellation
Cancellation of the order by the customer – the customer has the right to cancel the order only from the online store, in writing (company address), by phone (+421 45 67 90 919) or by e-mail to ravafol@ravafol.sk in case the price of the order (advance invoice) has not yet been paid. In the event that the customer cancels the order after payment of the price from the order (advance invoice), but before delivery of the goods, although the delivery period has not yet expired, RAVAFOL SK2 reserves the right to deduct proven costs associated with processing this order. in the amount of 20% of the order price. In case of custom production and subsequent cancellation of the order, the customer bears all costs incurred in the production of the ordered product in full, i. 100%, where this amount will be deducted from the advance payment or recovered in another way. Cancel the order by RAVAFOL SK2, s.r.o. reserves the right to cancel the order, or part of it, in the following cases: – for technical reasons it is not possible to deliver the goods within the required period or conditions of the order, the goods are no longer produced or delivered or the price has changed significantly by the supplier. In the event that this situation occurs, RAVAFOL SK2 will immediately contact the customer to agree on further action. In the event that the customer has already paid the price from the order (advance invoice) or part thereof and RAVAFOL SK2 is not agreed, and the customer to provide other goods in the same quality and price or another alternative performance, RAVAFOL SK2, undertakes to return to the customer within 15 days to his account or address the price paid for the goods or advance.

Other complaint conditions
The customer must visually inspect the goods immediately upon receipt. He is entitled not to accept the goods if there is visible mechanical damage on it, obviously caused by transport or if the goods are incomplete. In this case, he is obliged to write a damage report with the driver or refuse to accept the shipment. Mechanical damage to the product in undamaged packaging must be reported immediately upon receipt of the shipment and the product must not be used. Subsequent complaints of this nature will not be accepted with regard to the complaint conditions of the carrier. is obliged to reimburse the seller for all costs associated with handling the complaint. The company RAVAFOL SK2, s.r.o. is not responsible for defects caused by mechanical damage to the product, operation of the product in unsuitable conditions, intervention in the product by a person other than an authorized person (RAVAFOL SK2, s.r.o. service), or which were caused by natural disasters or incorrect supply voltage.

Entity for alternative resolution of consumer disputes with the seller RAVAFOL SK2 s.r.o. is:
SOI Inspectorate for the Banská Bystrica Region
Dolná 46, 974 00 Banská Bystrica 1
Supervision Department
tel. no. +421 48 412 49 69, +421 48 415 18 71
fax no. +421 48 412 46 93