Advertising systems for retail

Retail advertising - signage, stands, window wraps, stickers, logos, banners and more

They entrust the expansion of the retail chains into our hands, why?

  • We have several years of experience with the implementation of retail advertising media for exterior and interior
  • We work for successful retail chains throughout Slovakia and Czech republic
  • We use various modern technologies for fast delivery and high-quality products
  • After several years of practice, we already know what we are doing
  • You can be sure that we will deliver everything on time and in the required quality

And what can we produce?

Lightboxes, illuminated 3D signs and logos, advertising totems, orientation systems, advertising stickers, decorative foils, security and sun protection foils for windows, entrance portals, advertising banners, billboards, promotional posters, graphic or advertising facade stickers, LED systems for cash registers or promotion, various POP systems, wall or portal tiling …

Illuminated and non-illuminated marking of goods, advertising stickers in stores, floor graphics, menu boxes, POP systems, cartons, store signage, various temporary stickers, advertising banners, labels and more.. there is probably nothing that will suprise us…

Do you know who entrusted their advertising expansion to us?

Kaufland, COOP Jednota, McDonalds, Jysk, Stavebniny DEK, Dráčik, DM drogerie markt, Planeo, Okay, Auto Kelly, Siko and other companies

We work for the successful and therefore we can achieve the following within a year

  • 2.900 price quotations
  • 600 new clients
  • 135.000 hours of work
  • 710.000 kilometers traveled
  • 15.000 hours of phone calls
  • 211 kilograms of coffee
  • ..and a few kilograms of nerves..

By the way, don't forget!

RAVAFOL is not an advertising agency, but a primary manufacturer without subcontracting activities, so you will have everything first hand, at a good price and always on time.

Do you need advice on choosing a service or product?

My name is Ľuboš Jombík and I am available on email address where you can send me your request with graphics, size, place of installation and delivery date.

We will then send you the best price offer.

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