Plexiglass sneeze guards

Sneeze guards made of plexiglass suitable for the shops and stores, canteens or cars

Economic sneeze guard for taxi cars

In order to work safely and to drive the customer in the hygienic conditions – we are able to manufacture plexi glass sneeze guards or in other words barriers for different cars. This ensures the safe contact between the driver and the customer.

Professional safety sneeze guard for the taxi services

Special non-breakable polycarbonate sneeze guard – for the professional taxi services. Hygiene, protection and safety are the first place priority nowadays – keep your business safe and your drivers protected. Even in the future, the polycarbonate barrier might come in handy as the good protection.

Sneeze guards for the shops and stores

Protective clear plexiglass barrier as a first-line preventive protection for shops, banks, offices or other establishments.

Protect your employees and your business, if possible, do not risk closure and health of frontline employees.

Protect your employees and your business as much as possible. Quality design and various sizes with attachment to the double-sided tape on the underside of the foot. Made of 4mm plexiglass and 10mm plexiglass legs. Do not risk closing and health of the workers in the first line.

Basic protection for a very low price. If you need special size or shape – no problem – send us an order with the specification.

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