Service and maintenance of the advertising signs and logos

Refurbishment, cleaning, maintenance, replacement of components

Refurbishment of the old advertising signs

Even the old sign can look as the new one again – the complete exchange is not always necessary. The right professional repair and cleaning can make it look good again. If you need to get the old sign cleaned, replace some of its components or electrical installation – you are in the right place!

LED technology

There are many lightboxes or signs illuminated with old linear high voltage fluorescent lamps – neon tubes. Nowadays, this type of illumination is inefficient and costly. In our advertising signs – we use exclusively LED lights. As the part of our services – we offer the exchange of the old neon tubes for the modern, effective and cost-saving LED modules and stripes. This way, the lifespan of your sign will be extended and your costs and concerns reduced to minimum. Also the final effect and look of the sign will change rapidly.

Light sources

In our advertising lightboxes and signs, we use the high quality led technology, which is made and installed directly in Ravafol. It guarantees the best quality and high luminosty. Because of our own production, also the price is very favourable.

We use almost exclusively LED stripes and modules, which are suitable for various types of lightboxes, signs, logos and even in atypical designs.

We rarely use linear fluorescent lightbulbs or neon tubes – only when the customer strongly insists. We do not recommend this type of illumination – because of the low quality, high costs and frequent failures. As we always say: “The time spent on the reparations, can be spent making new lightbox.”

servis a údržba svetelnej reklamy

Energy supplies

All of the power supplies we use in our lightboxes and signs are supplied from the branded manufacturers. The majority is from the company Mean Well, which is one of the top-sellers on the market. All of these supplies are highly suitable for the LED stripes and modules, we use. 

Electrical installation of the power supplies guarantees high effectivity, stable output voltage, low weight, small size and noiseless operation. The combination of the high quality power supply and the LED technology provides reliability and satisfaction for many years. According to your requirements, we provide: twilight switches, transformers for LED diods, high voltage transformers for slim lamps, inductors, cabling, flashers and other.

As already mentioned, we also provide the exchange of the old electrical installation for the new. This will guarantee the durable and cost-saving operation of the lightbox or illuminated sign.


Outdoor advertising is placed on the dusty and busy places or near the roads, so it is likely to get dirty after some time. It certainly does not look good, no one wants dirty, greyish sign. We will take care of it! Apart from cleaning, we will also check the electro installation and construction, so your lightbox or signs will remain clean, functional and representative.

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