Advertising window decals and non-illuminated advertising

Illuminated advertising is not always the ideal solution for marking a store or company. There are also places where it cannot be used. In this case you can choose the non-illuminated type. It only depends on the choice of materials and technologies used. Banners, boards, billboards, bigboards, advertising foils, wraps and more.

Production of non-illuminated advertising and printing of advertising on all types of materials:

  • Frontlit banner for large-format advertising
  • ACP aluminum profiles for various signboards
  • Plywood or any type of boards up to a thickness of 60 mm
  • Advertising self-adhesive foils
  • Paper for use in flap frame

Our company manufactures advertising systems made of first-class materials from top-sellers on the market. For the best printing results, highest print quality and color saturation, we use the most modern technologies. As the primary producer with many years of experience in the field, we can offer the best type of advertising and also the most favourable price.

Advertising banners

PVC advertising banners can be places in different areas and offer medium to long-term durability. Banners are used at exhibitions, events or as the part of companies – placed on the facades and buildings. These type of advertising is suitable both – indoors and outdoors.

We manufacture different types and sizes of banners and billboards, always for very favourable price.

Smaller sizes are also suitable for different roll-up stands. We rely on the originality and distinctive design of each advertising banner. We can process the advertising PVC banner according to your own design or design a completely new one.

Advertising stands and signs

Advertising stands are usually custom made. You can get inspired by already realized orders – we can meet even the most demanding requirements.

Advertising stands are a very popular type of marketing communication with the target customer. The big advantage is good storability – they are therefore practical when moving to exhibitions and various events for customers. Some advertising stands are specially designed so that the information board on the top or other parts of the stand can be easily replaced. Assembly of the stand is simple and fast.

What are advertising signboards?
Advertising signboards belong to the classic forms of advertising. The most common form of advertising signboard is a plastic board equipped with businesses graphics, increasingly popular types are also flags, billboards and combination with 3D letters.

What will advertising signboard bring you?
Even nowadays it is necessary to use classic advertising elements such as advertising signboards. If they are well placed, they can effectively attract customers and help your business grow.


In addition to the manufacturing of various types of printed advertising, we can also offer you a wide scale of solutions for advertising presentations in the form of signs, stands and classic and illuminated signboards. We produce and install advertising signs according to the client’s requirements.

Do you want to make yourself known and seen? If you’re looking for an engaging and proven way to advertise, try signboards! We offer you various types and sizes of advertising designed for indoor use, as well as durable signs suitable for outdoor use. Signboards opens a way to gain new customers. You can choose from various types, shapes and sizes.

Large-format advertising

Large-format advertising includes large banners, where custom graphics can be installed on a variety of materials depending on the placement and use of such a banner. The classic type of these advertisements are billboards, popular PVC banners or tarpaulins and other.

Banners and tarpaulins - manufacturing and print

We specialize in the production and printing of advertising tarpaulins, banners and self-adhesive foils for exterior and interior use. If needed – we can also design the banner. We use the modern technologies and large-format printers.

Use of banners
Advertising banners can be placed on different constructions, facades and buildings – indoors and outdoors. Due to their wide use, they are a very popular type of non-illuminated advertising.

Banners are the most used outdoor advertising, because they can be placed anywhere. We provide complete production – from graphic design, through printing to montage according to your requirements..

Favourable price
Advertising banners can be used temporarily or for a long term. The undeniable advantage of the advertising banner is its favourable price, easy installation, low weight, long durability, easy handling and storage.

Banners and billboards

Banner advertising combines image and text information in a way that is easy to remember. Banners not only have a long durability, but they are a very suitable way of advertising for temporary events (exhibitions, sale or rental of apartments, houses or offices, temporary price reductions, sporting events, etc.).

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