LED displays and screens

Large scale led screens and display - very effective type of advertising. We produce screens that can be used not only in advertising but also as an informative or entertaining element.

RAVAFOL is a manufacturer and distributor of LED screens

We manufacture and distribute screens with LED technology (diodes that shine extremely bright, with a wide angle of illumination). We try to make our light panels consume a minimum amount of energy. We also guarantee the availability of spare parts, service, the possibility of modifying the equipment, excellent quality and the price of LED screens and panels.

Advantages of LED screens

The biggest advantage of LED screens as a carrier of information and advertising is the work in real time. Unlimited information displayed, supported formats and ease of use.
These LED screens are used to display advertisements, information, animations, videos, photos or other notifications.

Advantages of our LED screens

  • High energy savings, average consumption from 110W / m2
  • Low weight, only 22kg / m2
  • Weather resistant, protection IP67
  • High brightness> 6500cd / m2
  • Good readability in direct sunlight
  • Built-in graphic effects and easy LED screen management and administration
  • Ability to expand the panel to larger sizes during use
  • Built-in clock, thermometer and calendar
  • Automatic brightness control

Large LED screen with own memory

Conventional LED screens require a permanent care and administration. But this can be quite impractical or impossible. Therefore, we produce LED screens that have their own memory and do not require a permanent connection to the content source (PC / DVD player …,). All you have to do is copy the supported multimedia content to your device. Advantages and features:

  • creating and editing a composition divided into spots (animations), which makes it easier to make changes
  • the possibility to set the brightness of the panel depending on the daytime
  • easy animation creation with text or graphics
  • delivery of animation prepared in another program via import of finished animation frames
  • different types of composition: automatic (regular switching), manual (switching on instruction) and all-day (switching depending on the set time)
  • the ability to create animations using effects
  • preview of the created animation
  • delivery of special frames to animations showing current parameters: time, date, temperature, (possibility to configure the position of displayed parameters, font size and background of the frame)
  • delete, replace, reorder spots uploaded to the panel
    set the current date and time
  • operation of several light panels
  • change the type of created composition
  • edit individual frames of animations as well as parts or the entire list of frames
  • create an animation using previously created animation or selected frames
  • set any time to keep the images displayed
  • adding images in the selected color as a translucent effect
  • apply gamma correction to finished images, brightness, contrast and filters
  • creating your own graphics filters

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