Wholesale of window foils

Window films from RAVAFOL, as a professional application and distribution company Global Window Films for Slovakia

Wide selection

RAVAFOL, as a professional application company of Global Window Films for Slovakia, offers you a wide range of window films, all of which are distributed by direct manufacturers from the USA, and this is the secret of our excellent prices.

Many years of experience

For several years now, RAVAFOL s.r.o. has been operating in the field of window foils application – we have also decided for a wholesale of window foils to all the companies in this field.

Professional advice

Our great advantage is the many years of practical experience of the company’s manager and application workers, who have already solved several problems associated with application, so we can provide you with professional advice in the actual application and choice of window foils.

Contact us!

For inclusion in the database of wholesale customers of window foils and subsequent sending of professional materials, news in window foils and, last but not least, price list updates, please send us an e-mail with statement from the Business Register.


The company RAVAFOL s.r.o., ensures sales in Slovakia, the Czech Republic but also within the entire EU with our contractual delivery partners. Usually the delivery takes place within 24 hours.

Do you need advice on choosing a service or product?

My name is Martin Angleta and I am available on email address folie@ravafol.sk where you can send me your request with size, place of installation and delivery date.

We will then send you the best price offer.

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