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RAVAFOL has been providing printing services with a professional approach, super prices and fast delivery for 15 years on the market.


If necessary, we will produce an advertising billboard for you within 24 hours and we will also arrange the installation. We produce standard billboards from BB paper or a frontlite banner, but we can also combine this with illuminated advertising or other 3D displays. The price offer is prepared according to the specific design.


As with billboards – the production and delivery of bigboards takes place within 24 hours. If necessary, we also provide installation. Bigboards are made of a frontlite banner, which is reinforced along the edges with a weld. There are eyelets on the edges for fastening with a control cable. As with billboards or megaboards, it can also be combined with illuminated advertising or other types of outdoor advertising. We will be happy to price a bigboard for you according to your requirements.


The production of megaboards is similar to billboards and bigboards. The main difference is in size and strength design. Just like in previous areas, it is effective for use in combination with other types of outdoor advertising. Based on the technical portfolio, we can provide installation at our own expense with a professional approach. We will prepare an exact price offer based on the exact specification and requirements.


We produce wallboards from a frontlite banner or mesh, always on the basis of a specific type of assembly and weather conditions. If the location of the wallboard is not defined, we can also advise on a suitable anchorage and other technical parameters. The specific price then always depends on the specific design. The price offer also contains a specification of an assembly procedure.


This is the production of advertising elements such as billboards, shop windows, facade decorations, or other advertising or non-advertising elements. These are produced by printing on different kinds of materials – rolls or boards. Thanks to several years of experience in the advertising application, we will advise you free of charge and propose the best solution. We will process the price immediately upon request.


Citylights – a very effective type of outdoor and indoor advertising, used for example in shopping malls, pedestrian zones or at bus stops. We print on citylight paper or specially designed materials, which you get at a great price due to the new technology we have at our disposal. We will send you the price according to the size or quantity requirement


Advertising car wraps for the company vehicles or special wraps for the private vehicles? We print a full-text design on a special advertising foil designed for you. If necessary, we will prepare a graphic design according to your requirements. The price of the design is priced according to the type of application and exact requirements.


From many years of experience, where we are at home in the retail advertising environment, we will provide you with complete advertising equipment from exterior applications to interior applications on request without additional worries. Stands, carton shelves, billboards, window wraps, orientation system, price tags, posters, banner advertising, illuminated advertising, textile elements, 3d objects and more.

Offered print

Billboards, bigboards, megaboards, stickers, foils, paper, PVC tarpaulins, nets, backlight foils, textiles, wallpapers, boards, cardboard, plastics, foils, plexiglass, alu-sandwich, posters, signage, facade banners, facades, shopping centers , wobblers, advertising gates, shelf stoppers, pallet islands, shelf advertising, product stands, large – scale paintings, wallpapers, shop window wraps and decals, advertising systems, expo tables, rollup, POP, stands.

Installation of large format printing

Thanks to the fact that our company produces not only printing but also illuminated advertising, LED panels, facade cladding and window foils, we have a large assembly group in Slovakia and the Czech Republic and therefore we can ensure a complete turnkey order in the production of printing.

fast production and delivery

RAVAFOL has a lot of printing technology and therefore speed is no problem.
RAVAFOL delivers printed products by its own transport or courier service at discounted prices.

We will always try to solve the order to the satisfaction of our customers and we will never say no.

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We will then send you the best price offer.

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