RGB LED Panels

Full color LED displays for text and simple graphics.

LED display RGB

Full-color LED displays – designed for simpler applications than displaying information or advertising text with the option to add simple graphics. The technology allows you to display up to 4096 colors. In addition to this feature, the LED display has much better viewing properties and better display quality than the RGT series monochrome LED displays.

LED Display technology

The LED control system, which is installed in the RGT series LED panels, allows not only switching LEDs, but also 256 brightness levels of individual diodes. RGT graphic LED displays are the first to have this technology.

Thanks to this technology, the graphic effects are even more beautiful and engaging. All modules in this series are made with a durable technology that allows you to use the LED panel in more demanding conditions. Thanks to the modular technology, we can better adapt the parameters of the LED panels to customer requirements.

Each LED display can work in several ways:

  • Automatic animation mode, where they switch automatically after the end of one, another is displayed, after the last one is displayed (possibility to set the number of repetitions for each spot separately)
  • A manual way to display one selected spot around. Changes to the displayed spot are made by an instruction from the program.
  • All-day way, you can set a certain time interval for each spot.
  • All spots displayed on the LED panel are called compositions. The program allows you to work simultaneously with multiple compositions and with multiple light panels (system of control of groups of light panels).
  • Graphic and text effects can be used when creating spots.
  • All effects have the ability to set primary and secondary backgrounds such as color, image and in text effects
  • Several lines of text
  • Possibility to choose different types of text shading (256 shades)
  • Text alignment: left, right, center, up, down
  • Possibility to choose any type and font size

Modern advertising

This modern and interactive way of advertising, which uses LED technology, is becoming one of the most popular ways of advertising. RGT graphic LED displays are, thanks to their versatility, one of the most popular products in our offer. Dynamically changing messages and images are a great way to engage a customer or increase the attractiveness of a product.

LED technology

A light emitting diode (LED) or light-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor electronic component that emits narrow spectral light. Thanks to this feature, LEDs can shine with different colors and high intensity. This technology is becoming more and more common in households as well as in industry. We are replacing classic light sources (bulbs) with much more economical LED lights.

LED panel control

All LED panels in this series are controlled via LAN or Wi-Fi. With these interfaces, you can easily and often edit the display or settings as often as you like. This control method uses the internal memory of the LED panel. The content to be displayed on the LED panels is installed in the LED panel using software and then played back from the LED panel’s own memory. The advantage is that the LED panel does not require a constant PC connection and also retains the settings even after disconnection from the power supply.

Another option is to control LED panels via the Internet using various platforms. By default, the LED panels are controlled by a PC connected directly to the LED panel. We offer you control via the Internet from anywhere in the world and you don’t even need a PC. All you need is your smartphone.


Reliable MeanWell power supplies

Raster 10 mm

Integrated memory

Modular construction

PC control

Robust construction

Time, date, temperature

Excellent viewing angles

Synchronization via NTP

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