Illuminated blade signs

Favourite type of the illuminated advertising - blade signs above the shops, stores and businesses - visible from the distance.

Blade signs

Illuminated blade signs are almost inevitable and commonly seen type of the outdoor advertising. This type of the sign is visible for all the passerbies. It comes in different shapes and sizes – depending on your preffered design. Made from sandwich panels, acrylates or aluminium profiles, which can be diversly shaped, illuminated or non-illuminated – it is your choice, but we are always happy to help and give advice.

Use of the blade signs

Blade sign is commonly used to mark different shops, offices, businesses – also used as the addition to the classic sign which is placed on the facade. The blade sign is attached to the facade perpendicular to the building. Placed like this, the blade sign can be seen and attract the customer sooner than he actually sees the shop. Illuminated blade signs are especially visible in the dark. We can manufacture different types of blade signs – one-sided, double sided, with 3D logo or letters, and also the special ones – LED panels or pharmacy crosses.

reklamné svetelné výstrče

Electrical installation

We always recommend to use the LED stripes or modules rather than neon tubes. The durability of the LED lights is up to 50 000 hours. Profesionally installed LED technology guarantees minimal energy consumption and high luminosity – 2300 lumens / m2.


Of course, we provide also a professional montage of illuminated advertising – our professional assembly team can handle even the biggest challenges.

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