Security window films

Security window films that protect you and your property against thieves and natural disasters directly from the exclusive distributor in Slovakia.

Why security film from RAVAFOL?

RAVAFOL, as the exclusive distributor of Global and SPECTRUM USA window foils for Slovakia, offers you a wide range of solar window films, supplied directly from manufacturers from the USA. This is also the secret of our favourable prices. One of the reasons for our quality work is the experienced application group, specially trained for window films.

A foil that protects your property or even your life!

Security film is a clear film that is stacked in several layers and, when glued to the glass, creates a hard-to-penetrate barrier for thieves or vandals.
Thanks to its plasticity, the security foil will protect you in the event of disasters caused by natural elements, explosions or terrorist attacks, which are becoming more frequent today. In the event of an explosion, the safety film retains the glass as a whole. To the significant extent, the security window films can also prevent the penetration of the fire.

And there is even more to it...

Of course, like every film we offer, this one also has 99% UV stability, which together with the security function is used for shop windows, restaurants, offices and, last but not least, family houses.

Security films for glass

Glass  or window equipped with a suitable security film serves as a mechanical barrier that protects against theft, slows down the perpetrator’s progress into the building and also prevents glass from shattering, when objects are thrown on it. Security window films also protect against the effects of a pressure wave during an explosion.

Types anD use of safety films

The security film is produced in three thicknesses, where 12 mil SFX and 8 mil SFX meet the requirements of insurance companies to secure the building against burglary and 4 mil SFX, which prevents the glass from shattering, which is required by law, especially for food production buildings or school facilities. Not to mention, the security foils certainly looks better, than window lattice.

ColorVisible light transmittance (%)UV radiation capture (%)Reflection (%)Aggregate thermal reflection (%)Warranty in years (vertical /
horizon. application)
Pack width and length (m)Surface size in pack (m2)
Antygrafitti 4 milclear89,099,07,015,05/31,524/30,546,45
4 mil 140 micronsclear88,599,06,815,27/41,524/30,546,45
4 mil 140 microns 1,83clear88,599,06,815,27/41,830/30,555,82
8 mil 260 micronsclear85,299,09,920,37/41,524/30,546,45
8 mil 260 microns 1,83clear85,299,09,920,37/41,830/30,555,82
12 mil 360 micronsclear84,599,010,520,27/41,524/30,546,45
12 mil 360 microns 1,83clear84,599,010,520,27/41,830/30,555,82

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