Decorative window films

Decorative foils for windows and glass in the interior are used to optically divide the space or ensure privacy. RAVAFOL, as a professional application company of Global Window Films for Slovakia, offers you window foils in several types, with countless possibilities of use.

Decorative matt foil

Decorative matt foils are foils with various pre-printed patterns, which also fulfill the effect of opacity. Decorative foils are used on glass surfaces for company entrances, dividing walls and marking of glass surfaces.

Decorative foil with ornament

Decorative foils with an ornament are foils that are often applied in interior design. In addition to maintaining privacy, they also have a decorative function.

What about visible light transmission?

You do not have to worry that the space will darken after the application of decorative films. Each white matte foil for maintaining privacy will not take away from the transmission of visible light. Up to 85% of the light passes !!!

Types and use of decorative foils

  • Frosted foils for cutting: “company entrance doors, dividing walls, signs and marks for glass surfaces and windows”
  • Frosted foils: “hospitals, warehouses, dividing walls, etc.
  • Decorative foils with ornaments – design addition to commercial and private spaces

Decorative cutted foils

Decorative foils with “frosted” design are suitable for plotter cutting, so it is possible to cut out different shapes, logos or signs. In addition to maintaining privacy, they also have a decorative function. Decorative foils are used on glass surfaces for company entrances, dividing walls and marking of glass surfaces.

Why a decorative foil from RAVAFOL?

RAVAFOL, as the exclusive distributor of Global Window films for Slovakia, offers you a wide range of solar window films supplied directly from manufacturers from the USA. This is also the secret of our favourable prices. One of the reasons for our quality work is the experienced application group, specially trained for window films.

Frosted foils - interior application

ColorVisible light transmittance (%)UV radiation capture (%)Reflection (%)Aggregate thermal reflection (%)Warranty in years (vertical /
horizon. application)
Pack width and length (m)Surface size in pack (m2)
Pearl MattePearly/matte85,098,022,314,05/31,22/50,061,0
White Matte STWhite/matte67,099,016,221,55/31,524/30,546,45
White Matte ST 1,83White/matte67,099,016,221,55/31,83/30,555,82
Silver MatteSilver/matte19,099,054,075,05/31,524/31,047,24
Bronze MatteBronze/matte35,099,07,033,05/31,524/31,047,24
Grey MatteGrey/matte36,099,07,034,05/31,524/31,047,24
White opaque 95%White5,999,078,074,05/31,524/30,546,45
Black opaque 100%Black0,599,04,085,05/31,524/31,047,24

Decorative foils - interior application - on request

PatternWarranty (in years)Pack width and length (m)Surface size in pack (m2)
1- DOTS SILVERSilver/dotts51,524/30,546,45
2- DOTS WHITEWhite/dotts51,524/30,546,45
11- LINES SILVER 0,4cmSilver/stripes 0,4cm51,524/30,546,45
12- LINES WHITE 0,4cmWhite/stripes 0,4cm51,524/30,546,45
13- LINES SILVER 1cmSilver/stripes 1cm51,524/30,546,45
14- LINES WHITE 1cmWhite/stripes 1cm51,524/30,546,45
15- LINES MAT 1,8cmMatt/stripes 1,8cm51,524/30,546,45
17- LINES SILVER 4,5Silver/stripes 4,5cm51,524/30,546,45
18- LINES WHITEWhite/stripes 4,5cm51,524/30,546,45
31- LINEAR 0,6cmWhite/horizontal stripes 0,6cm51,524/30,546,45
42- PANE WHITE 3,6cmWhite/squares 3,6cm51,524/30,546,45
43- PANE MAT 4,4cmMatte/squares 4,4cm51,524/30,546,45
44- PANE SILVER 4,5cmSilver/squares 4,5cm51,524/30,546,45
61- DOTS LINESWhite/dotted lines51,524/30,546,45
71- SHADES LINESWhite/ shade stripes51,524/30,546,45

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