Solar window foils

A simple and effective solution against heat directly from an exclusive distributor in Slovakia.

Why solar window film from RAVAFOL?

RAVAFOL, as the exclusive distributor of Global and SPECTRUM USA window foils for Slovakia, offers you a wide range of solar window films, supplied directly from manufacturers from the USA. This is also the secret of our favourable prices. One of the reasons for our quality work is the experienced application group, specially trained for window films.

Do you want something extra? Functionality guarantee !!!

If you have a problem with heat transfer through glass surfaces, we give you a guarantee that after the application of exterior sunscreen, your problem is a thing of the past 🙂

How to choose a foil?

Interior sun protection films are especially suitable for mild heat transfer and privacy.
Exterior sunscreen films are used for unbearable heat transfer through the glass surface, where such films are able to retain up to 85% of heat.

You will no longer need air conditioning!

Sunscreen films are applied from the inside or outside of the glass surface.
Foils from the interior side are used with certain restrictions, for example:

  • orientation
  • size and color of the glass
  • surface (vertical/horizontal application)
  • other…

Because of all these factors, we recommend a reference company such as RAVAFOL, where you have a guarantee of expertise and thus prevent damage to your glass surfaces.
We recommend sunscreen films applied from the exterior as the best solution against heat with a very few limitations to the application of the film.
An equally important feature of foils is the refraction of light, where your eye will not be as stressed as when light passes directly through clear glass or when working with a computer or watching television. Window solar films will save electricity or completely eliminate air conditioning in the summer months. As well as energy savings for heating in winter, where, for example, the Super Clear IR 70 foil with its special composition reflects the thermal energy back into the interior.

Interior application

INTERIOR APPLICATIONColorVisible light transmittance (%)UV radiation capture (%)Reflection (%)Aggregate thermal reflection (%)Warranty in years (vertical /
horizon. application)
Pack width and length (m)Surface size in pack (m2)
Silver 20Silver19,599,055,078,55/31,524/3147,24
Silver 20 1,83Silver19,599,055,078,55/31,83/ 3156,73
Silver 35Silver38,099,029,063,05/31,524/3147,24
Silver 35 1,83Silver38,099,029,063,05/31,83/ 3156,73
Silver 50Silver52,099,022,351,55/31,524,3147,24
Silver 50 1,83Silver52,099,022,351,55/3183/3156,73
Silver/Grey 10Silver/grey6,099,040,078,05/31,524/3147,24
Bronze/Silver 15Bronzová13,099,031,075,04/21,524/3147,24
Nickel 40Smoke39,099,013,013,04/21,524/3147,24
TITAN 20Smoke20,399,037,074,04/21,524/3147,24
SUPER CLEAR IR 70+XClear/ light green79,099,09,040,04/*1,524/3147,24

Exterior application

EXTERIOR APPLICATIONColorVisible light transmittance (%)UV radiation capture (%)Reflection (%)Aggregate thermal reflection (%)Warranty in years (vertical /
horizon. application)
Pack width and length (m)Surface size in pack (m2)
Silver 20 exteriorSilver19.,524/3147.24
Silver 20 exterior 1,83Silver19.,83/3156.73
Silver 35 exteriorSilver36.,524/3147.24
Silver 35 exterior 1,83Silver36.,83/3156.73
Silver 50 exteriorSilver52.099.022.351.55/31,524/3147.24
Silver 50 exterior 1,83Silver52.099.022.351.55/31,83/3156.73
Silver/Grey 10 exteriorSilver/grey10.,524/3147.24
Nickel 40 exteriorSmoke light brown39.,524/3147.24
Nickel 20 exteriorSmoke20.399.037.074.54/21,524/3147.24
CRISTAL IR 70 exteriorClear/blue79.*1,524/3147.24

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