Totems, pylons, portals

Advertising totems, backlit banners and pylons with minimal energy consumption and high luminosity. Possibility of combination with LED panels for dials for gas stations.

Advertising totems or pylons

The advantage of the materials used for advertising totems is long-term durability. The graphic visual of the advertisement is applied to the backlit banner or plexiglass in the form of a large-format full-color UV printing 4 + 4 for the final effect of rich colors. The second option is the form of special translucent foils with a wide range of colors and a 7-year warranty. Advertising totems are made entirely of aluminum components and special sandwich AL panels. A combination with a LED panel is also possible, such as dials for gas stations.

Advertising stands and their use

Where can you use presentation systems and advertising stands? Advertising stands are suitable for presentation at exhibitions and other events. They are often used at trade fairs. Thanks to the suitable surface treatment, these advertising stands can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Totems for gas stations

Do you run a gas station and your existing totem is no longer suitable? In addition to various types of illuminated advertising, our company also offers the production of totems for gas stations and similar operations where totems are necessary.

Advertising stands for outdoor use

Until now, the possibility of presentation in an outdoor environment has been limited to traditional and not very attractive advertising stands. It was also common to “tie” ads to stands designed for the interior. You can imagine what the results looked like. Now you have the opportunity to finally choose from systems that are directly designed for outdoor use, withstand weather conditions and their design meets the high demands of present times.

light totem with led panels

Illuminated advertising stands, pylons

High-quality illuminated information and advertising stands and totems of various sizes and shapes. Advertising totems (in other words advertising pylons) are suitable also as the holder for the illuminated company logo, signs and other kinds of outdoor advertising. The most suitable placement of our advertising pylons is in front of department stores, supermarkets, gas stations and everywhere where it is necessary to attract the attention of a potential customer.

We are a manufacturer of a wide range of presentation systems, advertising banners, exhibition walls, presentation banners, advertising stands and more…

Electrical installation

There are 2 types of electrical installation commonly used inside of illuminated advertising. We prefer the form of LEDs with a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. Professionally installed, it achieves minimal energy consumption and is highly luminous – up to 2300 lumens / m2. Another type of lighting in advertising panels is the form of linear fluorescent lamps – these are not recommended due to low effectivity – it is always up to the customer to decide whether to save now, but overpay the service later…

And there is even more to it...

We are a manufacturer of the illuminated advertising with a long tradition. We produce customized advertising systems for each customer. We try to meet even the most demanding requirements of our customers.

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