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Large-format illuminated advertising made of a backlight banner such as lightboxes, signs, logos and more

About banner lightbox and its use

Banner MAXI lightboxes – used for large format advertising are often seen as a part of pylons a shopping centers and malls. This type of signs requires high durability and high quality of execution. The production and assembly of MAXI illuminated signs is very demanding and therefore requires a professional approach and experience. Therefore Ravafol is the right choice.

How are our lightboxes made?

The main advantage of the materials used in advertising by RAVAFOL is the long-term durability and quality of workmanship. The frames and construction of the lightboxes is made of aluminum components in order to withstand the required exterior conditions. In the production of lightboxes, we use modern CNC technologies for high accuracy and the UV printing for a highly precise graphics and the high quality of colors in the daylight as well as in the evening. The LED technology and the Meanwell power supplies used in the inside of the lightboxes are of the highest quality from the top suppliers on the market. The design of the lightbox is designed by our own graphic and structural designers. All of the electrical installation inside the lighboxes is installed by certified electricians. Delivery of the needed audit report is a matter of course.

Advertising panels and boxes - illuminated by LED diodes

We produce illuminated signs, panels and lightboxes, which are an ideal type of outdoor advertising and a very effective way to make your business visible.  In the production of illuminated advertising, we use LED modules with high brightness in combination with plexiglass with various degrees of transmittance. This allows to create interesting lighting effects and patterns.

svetelný box

used led lighting technology

RAVAFOL uses its own LED technology, developed for the specific requirements of each sign. Equally important is the power supply of the LED modules. RAVAFOL uses the power supplies of the highest quality from a renowned manufacturer. Why not use the linear fluorescent lamps? Although it may seem cheaper in the beginning, the consumption of the electricity is much higher and costs you in the future. Also – LED lights are highly effective and durable, so there is no need to service them so often, as in case of fluorescent lamps. With high-quality LED technology and professional installation, failure of the LED module or power supply is very unlikely.

And there is even more to it...

Every sign we make, mirrors our long-time experience in advertising …

why choose the lightbox made with banner and not plexiglass?

If there is the longterm durability to be guaranteed, there are certain limitations to the production of the lightboxes. In case of the lightboxes and signs of the size bigger than 3000mm in lenght, it is strongly recommended to use the banner instead of plexiglass on the front side. Thanks to our long-year experience in the field, we are always able to choose the right type and technical parameters for your advertisement. Plexiglass front side is suitable for example for the smaller lightboxes or blade signs. To withstand exterior conditions, the banner is always used for the large format lightboxes.

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