Wood processing for interior and exterior for construction, farm buildings, private individuals or even for retail

What exactly do we produce?

  • BSH laminated glued beams
  • KVH construction beams
  • DSL construction
  • CLT panels, ceilings, walls, roofs
  • LVL constructions
  • I beams
  • Decking, tiling and facades
  • Livestock pens
  • Aluminum or metal accessories for construction

Wooden acoustic panels for ceilings and walls

The range of wooden acoustic panels provides sound-absorbing surfaces with extensive surface treatment options, including real wood veneers. The distance between the grooves varies for different models, with smaller spacings the acoustic power generally increases. We provide extensive design and acoustic support, so the panels can be well integrated into the space with all additional items that are matched to provide continuity.
Interior applications in hotels, civic amenities, airports, private residences or wherever the emphasis is on design.

Glued beams

DSL is structural timber used to build structures in modern buildings and residential areas. It provides high-dimensioned and high-quality lumber for load-bearing capacity and weight transfer. It has maximum dimensional stability to minimize cracking of the structure. To increase its resistance, it is sorted and dried. Due to drying, it has little effectiveness on cracking, because it is made of the highest quality spruce. DSL is inspected by DSL certificate inspections. It can withstand high loads because it is dried to 15% humidity.
It can be used in industrial and apartment buildings. For the construction of several structures / segments in buildings. It is used in schools, complex architectures and halls. Possibility of use in various parts of the building.

Livestock pens

If you keep livestock, fencing is essential. This applies to the safety of the animals as well as to the safety of your neighbors. Good fences make good neighbors, but when it comes to livestock, you can’t just use any fencing. Different livestock species have different requirements based on their natural behavior. Therefore, if you need to fence livestock, contact us.

Construction wood

Glulam is a high-quality wood with dimensional stability and the ability to carry more weight. It can be shaped into various shapes, which increases its load capacity. Used in residential and industrial areas. Glued laminated wood has allowed people to incorporate an unlimited number of designs with variety and durability into a wooden structure.
Multi-storey buildings such as offices and houses. Buildings for private and commercial purposes. Agricultural buildings and industrial areas. Sports complex and buildings.

Farm buildings and canopies for animals

All our farm buildings are available in different sizes and specifications and are defined by the structure of the main beams and the required span. They are produced as standard with the use of wood with the possibility of improving the structural columns to metal, which will increase the life of the building. All buildings are supplied with the possibility of cladding and roofing material, the standard is a lapped boarding and a steel roof. These buildings are delivered on a turnkey basis.

Do you need advice on choosing a service or product?

My name is Ľuboš Jombík and I am available on email address jombik@ravafol.sk where you can send me your request with graphics, size, place of installation and delivery date.

We will then send you the best price offer.

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