Illuminated signage - 3D signs, 3D logos

Production of 3D signage - 3D illuminated signs in different designs, shapes and sizes. All according to your requirements and needs.

3D illuminated signage

Production of 3D illuminated advertising, 3D light signs and logos, according to the customer’s requirements. We produce customized signs for each business and try to meet even the most demanding requirements of our customers.

3D advertising - a way to differ

A wide range of materials is used for the production of 3D signs. From aluminum, acrylic, PVC and other materials, which are processed on a professional bending machine. We use modern technology and are constantly developing new ways and designs for our signs.

3D advertising gives your business a bigger dimension. It is one of the most used and interesting advertising types. The importance of 3D advertising is constantly increasing compared to traditional media. The share of 3D illuminated signs in total advertising investment is also rising.

Illuminated 3D signs shape the overall image of the company or business. The role of each sign is to inform but mainly to attract the customer. Nowadays, you will find advertising signs at every turn. That is why it is important that yours is the most attractive and visible!

Illuminated signs and 3D logos

Illuminated 3D signs and logos are very popular type of outdoor advertising. Production technology makes it possible to produce signs of various sizes, from small labels of shops and companies to huge letters denoting large retail chains or multinational companies.

And that is exactly what makes 3D signs so popular – the wide range of types, sizes, shapes and types of illumination (back lit, face lit, edge lit, etc.).

3D illuminated logo

Electrical installation

As to electrical installation of illuminated 3D advertising – in the vast majority of our signs, we use and recommend quality LED technology for our customers. The main advantage is minimal energy consumption and high luminosity up to 2300 lumens / m2. For comparison, a 100W light bulb has a luminosity of 1200 lumens / m2.

We can illuminate your company logo with the latest technology to achieve the best final effect and optimal energy savings.

Illuminated signage

Illuminated signs, logos, separate commercial signs – back lit, front lit, edge lit or non-illuminated. Neon, LED strips and other types can be used for the illumination.

And there is even more to it...

We are a manufacturer of the illuminated advertising with a long tradition. We produce customized advertising systems for each customer. We try to meet even the most demanding requirements of our customers.

3D letters

In addition to classic printing, we also manufacture 3D advertising logos and signs. We have our own manufactories and experienced staff. To choose the right type and size of your companies sign, we will be more than happy to advise you.

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