Facade systems

Professional production and installation of facade systems without subcontracting activities

Advantages of a ventilated facade

  • Variety of visual materials and decorative designs
  • Easy replacement of the facade appearance to the original structure
  • UV stability of materials
  • Easy intervention into the façade with additional application of various components without disturbing the appearance
  • Prevention of summer overheating of the facade
  • Ventilation of the substrate from moisture by physical principle
  • Sound insulation as a pleasant consequence of the structural design of the facade

Do you know why it pays off with us?

  • We buy facade cladding directly from manufacturers around the world
  • We will manufacture and process the design in our own direction
  • We process the cladding material with our own CNC technology
  • We have our own lifting equipment
  • Import of material by own transport
  • Facade application by our professional assembly group

Simply, everything first hand and without subcontracting!

There are years of experience behind our work

  • Large number of m2 of implemented projects for renowned companies and reference projects
  • Several years of application of a ventilated facade on our property in Banská Štiavnica
  • Atypical requirements and projects of family houses

Do you want something more?

  • When applying your new facade, we will also produce and apply the following for you
    • Retail banners, decorations, architectural elements
    • We will incorporate advertising elements into the facade
    • The facade can be effectively illuminated
    • Possibility of production and implementation of various atypical elements

How do professionals do it?

  • We always use only professional materials
  • We have designers who will design the entire facade as economically and professionally as possible
  • Only professionally trained and distinguished installers are sent for the mounting
  • We keep the correct design of the ventilated facade for material expansion joints
  • We will always deal with the problem ASAP, without disturbing the customer
  • Our professional team never leaves the mess on your construction site

Do you need advice on choosing a service or product?

My name is Ľuboš Jombík and I am available on email address jombik@ravafol.sk where you can send me your request with graphics, size, place of installation and delivery date.

We will then send you the best price offer.

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