Advertising car stickers for Planeo

For the company PLANEO we provided the production and application of advertising stickers for the trucks.

Favourite and frequently used format of the non-illuminated advertising – whether it is cars or trucks.

Advertising car stickers – advantages

Service vehicles, especially trucks, have a large empty area that can be used as advertising space for your company. Due to the mobility of this advertising medium, you will become aware of a wide audience of potential customers. Furthermore, for your existing customers, a well-marked vehicle is a very representative example of the trustworthiness and level of the company.

Application – advertising stickers on cars

When apllying advertising foils on vehicles, we take care of everything from design to production to installation. Depending on the location and spatial possibilities, assembly is possible at your facility or directly at ours – all depending on the previous agreement. Advertising stickers for cars have different properties according to the selected type – according to the selected lamination, UV filter and many mor. If you are interested in car stickers, contact us, we will advise by choosing a suitable option and design and we will send you a non-binding price offer.

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