Illuminated advertising – exterior

Production and installation of various types of illuminated and non-illuminated advertisements for Caravan Metropol in the Czech Republic. We made and installed several light advertising boxes. Considering the size and the location of the boxes, we chose the banner version – this type of light box is suitable for larger sizes and can withstand even more demanding weather conditions.

3D illuminated advertising sign was placed on the building – an effective and highly visible way of marking the company with illuminated advertisement. The advantage of 3D light signs is their good visibility during daylight and at night. Due to the high-quality LED technology used, this is very economical solution for illuminated advertising.

The entrance to the building was marked by an advertising gate with an illuminated company logo. Advertising gate or portal is a frequently used way of marking the entrance to a store, office or any other commercial building. It consists of a self-supporting structure covered with composite material, while the company logo is placed in the upper part. Advertising portal is produced in illuminated and non-illuminated versions.

Illuminated advertisement – interior

Several types of advertising equipment were placed in the interior – 3D company logo, decorative elements and various non-illuminated advertising signs. Decorative advertising elements – illuminated icons in various shapes – mountains, a caravan, a tent, etc., were placed in the premises of the operation. Furthermore, there is non-illuminated advertising in the form of advertising signs, which indicates individual brands of caravans.

Illuminated advertising – everything from design and production to import and assembly…

Production, import of advertising to the site and installation were all under our supervision. We have been producing advertising for more than 20 years. Whether it is standard and frequently used types of advertising equipment or specific, tailor-made solutions, our professional team can handle everything. Even the placement of advertising is not an obstacle for us – whether it is boxes on the facade, advertising signs on the roof of high-rise buildings or other specific locations – we always find the optimal solution and way, with an emphasis on the satisfaction of our customers.

Advertising in any format, whether illuminated advertising or various solution without illumination – our specialty is not only light boxes and advertising 3D signs, but also blade signs, LED panels, or pharmacy crosses. Of course, if necessary, the service and maintenance of the advertising is also available.

We provide installation of illuminated advertising throughout Europe – assembly groups operate primarily in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, but also in Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, etc. – according to the needs and requirements of our clients.

Illuminated advertising is a specific non-standard product that we always make to measure and according to requirements. Price calculation will always be calculated based on the specific type and location of illuminated advertising. If you don’t know which type of advertising is suitable for you, we will professionally choose the best solution.

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