Exterior advertising for the CERVA store

Production and installation of outdoor advertising in the form of banner advertising boxes and double-sided advertising boxes – known as blade signs for the workwear shop outlets Cerva in Zvolen.

How does outdoor advertising differ from indoor advertising?

When placing any advertising format outdoors, several factors need to be taken into account – first of all, weather conditions, location, size of advertisement, background material and many others. In general, for outdoor advertising, emphasis is placed on the use of materials and anchoring that are resistant to difficult weather conditions (rain, wind, snow), but resistance to UV radiation is also important – the use of materials that do not crack, fade or change due to sunlight. Of course, the difference is also in the use of electrical installation for the exterior and for the interior.

Exterior advertising can have many formats, sizes and designs – classic advertising boxes, 3D light advertising, blade signs, totems, pylons, gates, banners, stickers and many others. According to the individual needs of each company, we always design and choose an advertising format that fulfills its purpose – to attract customers and strengthen awareness of the company or brand.

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