Production and assembly of exterior advertising – 3D company logo of the OBI

The installation of the illuminated advertising on the roof of the building took place gradually in parts – with the help of a crane. First, the supporting structure was placed on the roof, followed by the individual parts of the light advertising. These are 3D illuminated letters placed on a base structure lined with composite boards.

Production and installation of an advertising sign with LED lighting on the facade of the building

OBI stores illuminated advertising – the company logo placed above the entrance of the store is typically a massive company logo. In addition to illuminated advertising above the entrances to the business, advertising is also placed on another part of the facade of the business buildings – in the form of a 3D illuminated sign, namely 3D company logo.

Illuminated letters are made from a banner or from plexiglass (frontal part) – depending on the location, weather conditions and dimensions of the advertisement.

Illuminated 3D signs – company logo

The illuminated 3D company logo is one of the most used formats of illuminated advertising, whether it is large-format advertising, signs of department stores or smaller signs in the interiors of shopping centers. The composition of this type of advertisement is diverse – aluminum, acrylic, PVC or other materials are used, which are further processed using a bending machine.

Used led lighting technology and electrical installation

LED advertising lighting for commercial establishments or stores is often equipped with a time switch or twilight switch. Thanks to the twilight switch, the ad is automatically turned on or off depending on the intensity of the daylight (i.e. during the day the sign does not light up, but as soon as it starts to get dark, the sign turns on automatically. In the morning after sunrise, when there is enough daylight, the sign turns off again).

By using high-quality LED technology in illuminated advertising (whether it is a light company logo, light advertising box, sticks, or other types of advertising), we contribute to a longer lifespan of the advertisement and also to a better appearance of the advertisement. This type of illumination has a high luminosity, but in proportion to the luminosity, the LEDs have a lower consumption.

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