Advertising for retail – we provide complete equipment for retail establishments with illuminated and non-illuminated advertising. Light boxes, 3D advertising signs, advertising stickers for shop windows, posters and much more.

For the store network SUPERZOO we provide advertising in various formats throughout Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Light boxes above the entrance to the stores

Part of the sign of the store in retail parks is the sign of the store with an advertising light box above the entrance.

Advertising for retail – blade signs, pylons

A frequently used element for marking stores is a blade sign – a double-sided light box placed perpendicular to the building, easily visible to incoming customers along the building.

Other ways to mark operations in retail parks is also the placement of advertising light boxes on pylons.

Light boxes

In addition to being placed above the entrance to the store, light boxes are usually also placed in highly visible places on the facade of the building. This ensures good visibility of the location of the store from different parts of the surroundings. Depending on the size, weather conditions and other criteria, banner or plexiglass light boxes are used.

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