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RAVAFOL, as a professional application company of Global Window Films for Slovakia, offers you a wide range of solar window films, security window films, decorative films and films for polycarbonates, supplied directly from the USA manufacturers. This is also the reason of our favourable prices. And we will reveal one more secret.. Why do we have a high quality application of the window films? Our application group is trained exclusively for window films application with many years of experience in this field.

Blinds fall under the “shading technique” – they will help wherever you need to regulate the light. Using the blind, heat regulation is minimal. The application of solar window foils significantly eliminates the penetration of solar energy -especially heat. Solar films let enough light into the room but prevent UV radiation from penetrating, thus regulating the total amount of heat penetrating into the room.

Interior window film is mainly used for windows with clear single glazing. Its efficiency is significantly lower compared to exterior sunscreen film. The sunscreen applied from the exterior reflects most of the thermal energy before it passes into the glass. The use of exterior sunscreen prevents the glass from breaking due to sunlight. Exterior solar foil can be applied to all types of glass without restrictions (colored – tinted double glazing … clear double glazing, etc.)

One of the most frequent questions – do you offer foils, which are opaque from outside, but transparent from the inside? In this case, we recommend solar window films with higher reflection. When looking into the interior, the film “behaves” like a mirror. But in the evening, when it’s dark outside and you light up inside, the window film has the opposite effect.

Yes. By using a private white matte window foil or pearl matte. White matte foils ensure opacity and transmit about 77-85% of visible light.

All window films from our offer have a UV filter. Based on our many years of experience, the plant behind the window films with a UV filter is doing well.

Yes, there are special solar window films suitable for polycarbonates.

The difference is negligible. The window with solar film can transmit about 50% of light, which is on the verge of natural light perception. Even in case of highly effective solar films, the light is evenly distributed in the room, so the difference is not so distinctive for the human eyes.

Security window foil can protect your property and even life! Security film is a clear film that is stacked in several layers and, when glued to the glass, creates a hard-to-penetrate barrier for thieves or vandals.
Thanks to its plasticity, the security foil will protect you in the event of disasters caused by natural elements, explosions or terrorist attacks, which are becoming more frequent today. In the event of an explosion, the safety film retains the glass as a whole. To the significant extent, the security window films can also prevent the penetration of the fire.

Yes, of course it is possible to apply the window film at your own expense, but we strongly recommend the application of window film by trained and experienced employees of our company. In the case of self-application, of course, no application warranty is provided.

Our company provides a warranty for safety window film for a standard period of 7 years. But the durability is about 2-3 times longer than the warranty. It depends on several factors such as: type of glass, orientation, climatic conditions, etc.

The window films are washed in the usual way. We recommend using a soft cloth, paper, and commercially available window cleaners. Excluded are: chemically aggressive substances / thinners, solvents, wire rods, sandblasted cleaning agents and sharp objects that could scratch the film.

No. Our application group will take care of this – we save your time and effort 🙂

Decorative foils are a very simple and inexpensive way to separate company premises or, for example, to ensure a higher degree of privacy. After applying matt decorative foils to windows or glass doors, you will achieve the opacity of the area and thus perfect privacy for various business presentations, etc …. It is also possible to apply cutted matt foils with countless graphic effects that will pleasantly complement your business.

Sure. There are foils suitable for cutting on the plotter (special machine for cutting foils), where we can cut out you company logo or various designs.

Although the decorative foils have a matte finish, they are able to transmit more than 85% of the light. Due to this property, the loss of light in the room for the human eye is absolutely unobservable.

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