Counters and equipment for Bageterie Boulevard

For branch Bageterie Boulevard in Bratislava, we realized the production and installation of advertising counters.

Advertising counters and equipment for retail

For successful retail chains in Slovakia, we have been implementing advertising media for interior and exterior for a long time. It is not just about advertising signs or logos, boards and banners, we also participate in equipping the interiors of establishments – navigation systems, counters, LED displays, etc.

We are always looking for the ideal solution for the customer according to individual requirements and assignments. We provide everything from design, through production to transport and assembly.

For retail chains across Europe, we also provide:

  • illuminated and non-illuminated marking of goods
  • navigation in stores
  • sticker and poster events
  • labels, banners, POP systems
  • labels, banners, POP systems

Exterior equipment includes complete design and production of advertising media – illuminated and non-illuminated advertising signs, logos, boxes, stickers, facades and much more.

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