Illuminated advertisements and shop window stickers for Simplea

Production and installation – illuminated advertisements and stickers for branches SIMPLEA throughout Slovakia.

Illuminated advertisements – boxes, 3D signs, logos

Outdoor lighting is becoming increasingly popular due to its ability to attract people’s attention and promote businesses in a visually appealing way. From simple illuminated signs to full-fledged LED displays, illuminated advertising offers a number of advantages for companies that want to increase their brand awareness and attract more customers.

In combination with advertising stickers on storefronts or windows, an advertisement designed in this way completes the consistent image of the establishment in question. At the same time, it is unmissable for passing customers and helps the credibility of the given company.

Another advantage is the flexibility of advertising. With current technologies, there are almost no limits to companies in what content they decide to communicate and in what format. Banners, advertising stickers, light signs, logos, roll-ups, light boxes on the roof, facade, or pylons – the possibilities are countless.

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