Large format print – HOPI banner

Production and installation of an advertising banner for a logistics center HOPI in Madunice. This form of large-scale advertising is often used on the facades of buildings with large unused areas, such as logistics centers, warehouses or other indoor spaces.

Large-format outdoor printing often has to withstand demanding weather conditions, UV radiation and impurities in the air. At RAVAFOL, we emphasize the use of high-quality and durable materials and technologies that will ensure that your advertisement in any format will be highly aesthetic, durable and resistant.

Large format print from Ravafol

We have been providing  large format printing  services for over 15 years for companies all over Europe. We are proud of our modern technologies, professional team of graphic designers and printers, speed of delivery and, last but not least, the favorable price of our printing.

In addition to the design, printing and installation of banners on the wall or wallboards, in our offer you will find the option of large-format printing of any size – billboards, bigboards, megaboards, but also city lights, car decals or various advertising elements for retail. We print on PVC sheets, paper, textiles, board material – always according to the customer’s requirements and needs.

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