LED light advertising for SIKO – Bratislava, Bory

LED light advertising for the branch SIKO Bratislava Bory. LED light advertising boxes are a popular form of outdoor advertising that can be seen on many buildings – shops, stores, industrial halls and the like. These boxes use a combination of a banner with a print and LED backlight, thanks to which it is possible to place almost anything on them – logos, inscriptions, graphics or pictures.

One of the key advantages of advertising boxes is their ability to attract attention. They are easily visible from a distance, which provides an effective way to draw people’s attention to a company or product. Another advantage of this advertising format is durability. Thanks to the materials and technologies used, outdoor advertising will last for years, without the need for intervention (depending on the specific type and location).

Interior – LED light advertising in the form of a small box

To simplify orientation, a smaller LED light advertisement was also placed in the interior – in the form of a small light box. Indoor light advertising is eye-catching, durable and at the same time easy to maintain. After assembly, it requires minimal care, and thanks to the quality of the materials used, frequent repairs and replacement of components are not necessary. A wide range of materials offers different advertising alternatives at different price levels.

Rounded LED light advertising

Atypical shapes and specific requirements for advertising format have never been an obstacle for us. The decently shaped advertising box adapts perfectly to the facade of the building and does not disturb the overall aesthetic impression in any way.

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